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Northfield, NJ                               Burlington, NJPhone: (609) 822-8480                  Phone: (609) 526-2623Fax: (609) 822-8481                      Fax: (609) 699-1459

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This year marks a new milestone for Preferred Home Care Agency. After establishing itself in our home area of Atlantic County, the company is now expanding into Burlington County, bringing the care you prefer to new clients in the new area.


RN Wanted!!!

CHHA Wanted!!!




We are now offering 76-hours CHHA/ Home Maker training course. We also offer Mantoux test for new hires/ existing employees as part of required physical examination. If you would like to become certified and join our caring and supportive company, contact us at (609) 822-8480 or (609) 526-2623





 CHHA training 

Physical Exam

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