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One of the Fewest in the Area Accredited

by NJ Commission on Accreditation

for Home Care

Who we are


Preferred Home Care Agency was founded in 2004 by a Registered Nurse with caring in her genes and passion in her heart for helping the ill and the injured. Over the years, Preferred Home Care Agency has grown to become a company known for its caring and dependable services among the clients and for its motivating and supportive atmosphere among the employees.


Experienced nurses and home health aides are always there to help. They are always very motivated to care as the company takes good care of them. The consistency and professionalism in its day-to-day work has enabled Preferred Home Care Agency to achieve and maintain the Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC), which puts Preferred Home Care Agency into a very reputable and selected group among the home care providers in Atlantic County in New Jersey.


Recently, like many other health care providers, Preferred Home Care Agency has faced the challenges brought by the health care reform. However, the changes in health care arrangements caused by the reform did not negatively affect our clients’ experience with us. We continue to live by our motto to provide the care you prefer.


Our Mission  


Our mission is to provide clients of any background or financial status with the highest quality home health services possible. Through our care, we bring mental, physical and social well-being to our clients. We are always considerate, courteous and professional. Fully committed to our cause, we continually strive to improve our clients’ quality of life by helping them achieve and maintain their maximum independence while remaining in the comfort of their homes.

Our Philosophy 


The medical need and severity of ill or injured people living at home has increased tremendously in the past few years and will continue to do so. At times, rooms in homes are being turned into critical care units. This change in the way healthcare is delivered has resulted continual psychosocial and environmental needs within patients’ families. That is why, at Preferred Home Care Agency, Inc., we enter every home with a holistic approach and treat every person as an individual. Preferred Home Care Agency has taken the burden from doctors and hospitals to provide you with the much needed improved extended care in the comfort of your home.




We know loved ones are glad to have their ill child, spouse, or parent home with them. We know that the ill or injured person would prefer to be in their own home while under the care you prefer. We also see the lifestyle change that occurs with the revolving door of strangers (healthcare workers) needed to care for their fragile loved ones. We are those ‘strangers’, who are depended upon, day after day, to provide the highest standard of care, the care you prefer, and, we take this seriously.



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